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  Richard Low
  Alice Lim Cheng Peng
  Dick Su
  Yeo Yann Yann
  Lim Yu-Beng
  Dr. Woo Yen Yen
Colin Goh
  Dr. Sydney Tan
Paul Hsu
Rachel Kittner
    Full Credits

Music Director/Soundtrack Composer

DR. SYDNEY TAN has been involved professionally in music for the last 24 years as a Music Director, Arranger and Producer and his artiste roster includes luminaries such as Dick Lee, Jacky Cheung, Jacintha, Zoe Tay, Clement Chow, Gurmit Singh, Tracy Huang, Kit Chan, and Taufik. Sydney's more recent projects include being music director for the “Made in Singapore” series of concerts at the Esplanade and recording the winning song for the inaugural Singapore Idol series for Taufik and Sylvester, arranging and producing the National Day song "Home" by Kit Chan, as well as the theme song for Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung's “Snow Wolf Lake” album.

Sound Designer

PAUL HSU is one of New York's most respected sound designers and editors. His most recent film projects include Ang Lee's “The Hulk”, Mike Nichols' “Angels in America”, the Coen Brothers' “Ladykillers”, Barry Sonnenfeld's “Men in Black II”, and “The Departed”, Martin Scorcese's upcoming remake of the Hong Kong blockbuster “Infernal Affairs”. He is happy to be working together with Yen Yen and Colin in a film project from Singapore - the land of his father's birth.


RACHEL KITTNER began working in Maysles Films, founded by legendary New York documentarian Albert Maysles (“Gimme Shelter”), and has edited numerous films and television programmes, including Michael Moore's “The Awful Truth”. A documentary she recently edited, “Street Fight”, has just been nominated for a 2006 Academy Award. Singapore Dreaming is her first non-English feature project.